The digital world is changing faster than ever before!  It is becoming more and more difficult for companies to keep up with the latest technologies.  In order to keep pace and stay competitive, you need a platform that is AGILE enough to help you do that.  The future of business application development is low-code.

Our low-code platform makes it easy to quickly develop business applications ranging from small departmental apps to large, complex, mission critical solutions.  DOCOVA accelerates and eases the integration of applications with existing cloud and on-premises systems.

Ease of Use
DOCOVA is crazy easy to use with almost no training required for the most novice of Citizen Developers. For the more complex enterprise-grade apps, DOCOVA has everything IT Pro Developers need to put their applications together and deploy them across the organization and cross-device.

Nothing to Install
DOCOVA’s visual development environment is 100% browser based. There is no desktop client software to install.

Depth of Functionality

There are of course other low-code solutions on the market.  We encourage you to explore the depth of functionality beyond the simple 2 minute videos you see on websites.  DOCOVA comes with a lot of features you don’t typically see in other solutions, like the ability to replace multiple full or partial application designs with a single template, or the ability to edit files in-place, meaning there is no need to download, edit and re-upload files.

No Database Modeling Required!
With DOCOVA, there is no database modeling required, no table entities to set up and relate, no database refactoring needed when changes are made. DOCOVA handles all of that for you. All you need to do is concentrate on building the application that you need….SUPER FAST!

Run Anywhere
DOCOVA lets you create and run your business apps where you want. Whether that’s on-premises, in Azure, AWS, DOCOVA’s cloud or anywhere else, DOCOVA is made to suit your requirements.

A Multi-tiered approach to low-code development.
DOCOVA provides two levels of development to cater to different skill levels of citizen and IT pro developers.