DOCOVA for Lotus Quickr Customers

DOCOVA is a great alternative for customers faced with replacing their discontinued Lotus Quickr environments. Check out this 2.5 minute animated video to learn why.

The Migration PoC

Every Lotus Quickr implementation is unique. There could be several Places, or hundreds of Places, a handful of users, or thousands of users. Some Lotus Quickr implementations are “out of the box” and others are highly customized.

To answer the question “what will it cost?”, we have developed a Proof of Concept approach. For a small fee, we will spin up a DOCOVA instance in your environment and migrate a subset of your Lotus Quickr data.  You will have the opportunity to experience DOCOVA in the context of your data, and we will gain an understanding of your environment so we can accurately estimate the cost of a full migration.

The DOCOVA Lotus Quickr Migrator

Migrations can be expensive if all of the work has to be done by consultants.  The key is a migration tool that you can use to migrate your Lotus Quickr places over time using your own internal resources.

Take for example a recent DOCOVA customer in Europe, CFE. CFE had 3 Lotus Quickr servers, more than 400 Lotus Quickr Places, over 2 TB of data, 500 internal users and more than 4000 external users. Check out the case study for more details.

With a migration tool, and a proven process, the customer was able to migrate Lotus Quickr Places to DOCOVA Libraries over time using their own resources, with external consultants focusing on customization and data migration exceptions.

What about the Lotus Quickr Connectors?

Many Lotus Quickr customers were using the Lotus Quickr Connector for Windows Explorer, the Notes Client and Microsoft Office. DOCOVA has similar functionality. We use our WebDAV File Jockey Connector to provide access to files in DOCOVA from the file system and the Notes client. We also have DOCOVA add ins to enable DOCOVA interaction via the Microsoft Office menus.

What is in the Toolkit?

The Lotus Quickr Migration Toolkit page includes:

  • An overview of new feature enhancements to support Lotus Quickr migrations
  • A technical “deep dive” recorded webinar that compares Lotus Quickr to DOCOVA
  • brochure that explains our Proof of Concept approach
  • A case study for a large Lotus Quickr customer who migrated to DOCOVA

To access the toolkit, complete the form below.