DOCOVA’S Flexible Security Architecture

DOCOVA offers many layers of secure access control at the architectural level and the user level, as well as many directory integration possibilities.

System and application security are crucial components to a low-code solution and DOCOVA makes it easy to understand and easy to implement so that IT pro developers and citizen developers alike, can manage this important feature.

Access Control

DOCOVA has several types of access control that can be applied in applications to shape the way users interact with design and information.

Authentication Authority and Coexistance

Companies have many choices on how they can authenticate users with DOCOVA.  DOCOVA has it’s own standalone Directory Services. This allows companies to manage users within DOCOVA, separate from any other authority.  This can be leveraged for internal users or for external users.

DOCOVA also integrates with several other directory sources like Azure Active Directory (O365) providing users with a single sign-on experience. Other directories DOCOVA can be integrated with include, Active Directory, Windows Integrated Authentication, Domino Directory and other external sources like Okta.

Companies can configure DOCOVA to recognize several authentication sources simultaneously.  This allows users from more than one authentication authority to access applications in DOCOVA, providing directory coexistance.